Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grey Nightstands, She had Grey Nightstands

(Who's with me E-Fitz fans?)

I might have made a big mistake. BIG mistake. But I'm not sure yet.

Remember when I scored these nightstands off Craigslist and was trying to figure out how to paint them? Well, I decided to go against the norm (like antiquing this dresser and this dining table) and painted them darker. I was too scared to go black, and not sure about staining them darker, so I took the middle road, and painted them grey. I do like that they darken up the room a little, but I'm just not sure about the grey.

Are they doomed forever? Should I take them back to the Craigslist seller begging her to take them back? Should I burn them and just sleep next to a pile of ashes? What do you think?

Here's to the day we will be able to afford real furniture!

Post Edit: Now looking at this, the head board is dyyyying for a makeover. I'm wondering what I can come up with some fabric and a mean staple gun....


  1. "Grey nightstands.....she had grey nightstands..." -classic.

    I like them! There is certainly a clean and crisp element to them. Don't burn them...

  2. fine. ill take them. but seriously. hand em over. with that mirror. hehe

    any paint left? I need to paint a filing cabinet that will soon enough be a night stand!

    i like what you're doing over there

  3. I love the color but would do thriftier-anthropology-er knobs!

  4. Brooke!! I was totally thinking that! Although I contemplated just spray painting the knobs because that would be waaaaay cheaper. But you are so right, that would really help!

  5. kimmel about the knobs i just got some at hobby lobby(some look exactly like anthro) for half off. well my mom bought them but they were like 1.50 to 2.00 each!! just a thought...

    also i think doing something to your headboard would be hot. i too like the greyness though.

  6. what paint did you use on these nightstands??