Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New Old Dresser

For Christmas, we were given a brand new, shiny TV. It's even one of those skinny ones that people call a Flat Screen! We were overjoyed that we could now watch shows and movies, and our friends would actually come over and watch with us since it was definitely a step up from our old little boxy one.

The only problem was that we had no where to put it because our old TV was in an armoire/cabinet. In order to find something that would not break the bank, I started scouring Craigslist for something I could re-purpose. I stumbled upon a cheap, old dresser. I loved that the dresser was the perfect size, but the bad laminate finish and ugly brass pulls were not doing it for me. I completely forgot to take a before picture (I just get too excited when starting a project to snap pics) but I found a similar one. The original dresser looked a bit like this, but way worse...

The first thing we did was pry off all the old pulls and knobs. Then we sanded. This step was not actually necessary because the dresser is laminate, not solid wood, but it did help the primer adhere better.

Then we primed and painted. It is amazing how a coat of white paint can make anything look new and fresh.

I gave it an antique finish using this tutorial. I have a thing for antiqued, painted furniture.

Finally, we sealed the dresser and I added some 50% off knobs and pulls from Hobby Lobby. I love how it turned out, but what I love more is that I can change the hardware or even paint it when I get tired of it. And I know I will eventually get tired of it. I have commitment issues when it comes to furniture.

Here is our new dresser/TV stand.

I'm already tapping my fingers together and scratching my head, looking for what else I can re-purpose.


  1. I didn't know that was the piece y'all re-did! It looks really good! and I like that yall went with all blue knobs, very homey.. I'm going to bring home carloads from canton that we can repurpose and blake got his sander (?) back so get ready!

  2. love it lauren! you've inspired me....i'm off to look for a weekend project :)

  3. You did an awesome job! The dresser looks new again with just a simple painting and a touch of creativity.