Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm asking YOU!

Ever since the little boy started crawling, we've been trying to tweak our house to be a little more baby friendly. We've been bolting bookshelves to the wall, moving breakables, locking away chemicals, and keeping our baby in a levitating bubble safely away from the dangers of every day living. Okay, maybe that last part was a little bit of an exaggeration.

One thing that had to go was an old metal table that I had as my bedside table. The thing practically started crashing down on Kyler the moment he even looked at it. I searched Craigslist for days waiting for the perfect (cheap!) matching tables that had potential to be rebeautified. Finally they showed up, I bought, I conquered, and here they are.

Now if I could just decide what to do with them? Paint them, stain them, burn them and keep looking... I need help! What do these orangey-maple colored laminate nightstands need? What do YOU think?


  1. well first. that mirror delight above your bed needs to come down off of the wall and walk it's way over to my house. :)

    my vote - paint em brown! you know, when I left the other day the mouse wheel in my brain would not stop rollin' - you could try to paint the drawers one color and the other a different - It would kinda look like how your bed has a "framed" look... I've seen it done real nice like in magz.

  2. just an idea.... what if you(cody) sanded them down and then spray paint the corners and edges gold... wait for it... =) lol then paint them the dark brown of your bed frame. Then gently scuff the edges to reveal the gold underneath.... also get new awesome handles =)

  3. Awesome ideas ladies! Thanks for the input. I'm getting a general consensus of a darker color, and I like that.

    We shall see....

  4. I would say paint them a crisp white or black.:)
    depends on the feeling you are going with. The lamps give off a glam feeling, I would probably go with black with clear/glass knobs to complement the lamps.

  5. Changing the subject if I may, can you tell me your bedroom paint color? I have been looking at swatches of blue/grey/green for months trying to choose a color. Yours is very nice. Thanks. Deanna

    I have found Saman stain to be the most fabulous product for changing the color of wood furniture. I used this product to change the color of my stair railing from golden/yellow oak to a deep, dark cocoa brown. It is a stain and varnish all in one so you just apply as many coats as you want to darken it. You don't have to sand your furniture down to raw wood, just go right over the existing finish after you give it a little buff and a wash to make sure the surface is clean. SAMAN! Look it up. Deanna

  7. Deanna- I think the color is called Celadon Dynasty- or something like that.