Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Trimester: Done

I can finally get off the couch and make my family a meal! Now that I am into my second trimester, I'm feeling much better (though I never felt that bad) and am definitely seeing improvement in the energy department. I haven't even napped in a week (except for 2 days ago because of a headache)!

We also decided on something very exciting. We are NOT going to find out the sex! That's right, it's yellow, white and brown for the Kimmels. And I LOVE it! I could have never done it with the first one, but now with a toddler, my mind is a little preoccupied, so I think I can actually wait 9 months to find out if it's a little boy or girl. And as everyone asks....we don't have a preference. Boy, girl, strange alien baby- don't care, just give it to me!

I think this past week my belly has started to grow. I can actually feel it stretching...weirrrrd. Here is my first official belly shot a 14 weeks. The dress is a little deceiving. It makes me look bigger than I am. Although it is true what they say, you do start showing earlier on the second pregnancy.

I've been trying to teach Kyler the word "baby". Right now it just sound like "ba-ba". Unfortunately, Kyler won't really even be old enough to understand that a new baby is going to be born into this family. I think it's kind of good though, he'll never know what hit him.


  1. Yay for belly pics! Look at that cute tiny baby bump. Not even a bump, more like a tiny curve. Keep it up - you need to be taking those every week so you can see the progression! I love looking through my weekly belly pics. At the time, I always think my belly is SO HUGE, but then when I go back and look at my prior weeks I think - OMG that is nothing.

  2. Super cute pictures, what a lovely way to display your pregnancy!
    Love the colour of your dress!
    An congratulations!

    Your new follower!