Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mr. Independent

Kyler is so independent these days, sometimes I think he doesn't even want me around. Although he still needs me to do things like change him, feed him (well prepare his food), and take care of him in general, he is definitely testing the limits of his independence. He often throws a fit when I insist on holding his hand, feeding him with a spoon, or forcing him to do just about anything. Poor little guy thinks he's the boss, though he is taking to discipline a little better. His fits are very short-lived, which I appreciate. Of course he is going to scream bloody murder when I take away the coolest new item he found to hold onto, but 2 seconds later he is fine and on to the next.

Now that he is older and is more aware (and compliant) of what he is allowed to do in the house, I find myself almost feeling board. I don't need to hover anymore. I don't need to entertain him. At the same time, I hate to do other tasks that completely take my attention away from him. It has been soooo hot lately, I haven't even wanted to leave this house. I have been going a little crazy! It has me dreaming of the days when I can sit and watch him play while nursing a newborn :)

Here are a few photos from my iPhone. They are all blurry because he is a constant blur of baby tornado. This kid is busy to the max! And I love every bit of him!

I love that he plays so hard but so sweetly gives in to sleep. That boy can't resist a comfy car seat, after all he did sleep in one for the first SIX months of his life!


  1. haha, those pictures are awesome.

  2. LOVE the dishwasher one. I remember when my boys were little enough to stand there. Not so much anymore...soooo sweet.