Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kyler's Nursery

When I found out I was pregnant with a baby boy, I immediately started dreaming up room plans. I knew I wanted something peaceful, serene, nature-y, and calming to be in. I didn't want to do a typical baby blue on the walls, so I chose (after trying out several samples on the walls) a soft gray-blue. The pictures don't accurately capture the true color of the walls, but a better picture can be seen at the bottom of this post. I love the simplicity of the room. I didn't want anything on the walls except for the little bird mural.

These are the little birds on the wall I painted. I was originally going to order a wall decal off of Etsy, but I realized it wouldn't be that hard to paint it myself and it would be free. I drew my design on poster board, cut it out, and used it as a stencil on the wall. I still ended up having to free hand most of it since the stencil didn't work too well. It's definitely not perfect, but I love that I made it for my little boy.

I searched forever for bedding that I liked. I wanted something simple and something that would go with the nature-y theme. I couldn't find anything that I loved, so I made a crib skirt and just went with a simple blue sheet. I made the crib skirt from fabric and iron-on hem tape. I wanted a modern, flat bed skirt that I could adjust as we lower the mattress. I used Young House Love's tutorial as a reference. Lucky for me, I only had to make one side of the skirt because it is the only side that shows. Because of that, this project was super cheap.

Same old story when it came to the mobile. Never did find anything I liked. Leave it to Martha to come to the rescue. I knew my mom gave me that middle name for a reason ;) I made these birds from her bird mobile, but hung them from a tiny wreath from Michael's. I mixed and matched scrapbook paper for the birds to give them contrast and something interesting for Kyler to look at. Kyler has loved watching this mobile spin since the first time we laid him in his crib.

This is the chair that we spend LOTS of time in. It's a very inexpensive chair from IKEA. I like the clean lines and the simplicity (whats new?) of the chair, but it is not a glider. It bounces/rocks a little, but I've already added a glider to the list of requirements for all the next babies. We already had this lamp in our bedroom, so we just moved it into the nursery. It couldn't have been more perfect for the nursery with the subtle little branches embroidered into the shade.

This dresser was a hand-me-down from a relative. I painted it white and changed it out with some hardware my mom passed down to me. I love using a dresser as a changing table because the drawers hide all the bulky stuff. I'm already thinking that this dresser that we recently re-did will make its way into one of our baby girl's (fingers crossed) nursery some day. The curtains are from IKEA and have sweet little leaves all over them.

This ancient bookshelf is begging for a replacement. I think it was Cody's from college, and unless we bolt it to the wall in TONS of places, it is a hazard for our little pulling-up baby. I found the mirror at a garage sale a few years ago and painted it white. I firmly believe there should be a mirror in every room. Not for vanity reasons, but for light and opening-up reasons.

So that was the looooong overdue nursery tour. I loved that I made so much for his room, and hope that I can do that every little baby I pop out. Now I'm already stressing over how I am going to design his big boy room....though I am drawing some inspiration from this charming room.


  1. Love it! You really should enter it in this nursery photo contest!

  2. sooooo cute lauren!
    p.s. how did you make your header? and with three segments? i'm trying to make one and it is HUGE. i'm a bit computer challenged... :(

  3. I used picasa. I actually had a really hard time with it, making headers is hard!