Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Update

I know I promised that I would post the video we made of our vacation, but it would be punishment to make anyone watch that. We are not good at that kind of thing, most of our clips are one of us filming the other in a cool location going "okay take a sip of your chocolate malt and look at the sun." Lame. I'm telling you.

Despite the lack of posts, spring is shaping up to be a great season and we are having a blast in these last few months before baby.

First and foremost, Duma turned 2.

How did she spend her birthday? Probably laying on the couch, resting her head on her paw and pondering the last 2 years of her easy life. I mean, can you believe before we rescued her that she was a stray, wandering the streets of a small town with her brother? How did she ever survive the streets? Look at her.

We have been loving the warmer weather! And not just because I don't fit into any winter clothes anymore. It's been so fun to be able to hang out at the lake and go on walks. I love the blossoming trees and blooming flowers around this time. I'm so over bare trees and brown grass.

Isn't this little bird bathing in our bird bath just the cutest?

We had a lovely Easter that we spent with our church staff family. I made a delicious chocolate creme pie that I just had to get a picture of. I am not usually very successful at making desserts, consuming desserts- I am very very successful, but usually making sweets turns out to be too complicated and intricate, but this pie turned out great!

We have also been working hard on getting baby boy's nursery together. It doesn't actually have any of the necessities yet, like crib mattress, toys, books, changing pad, but it is a start. Cody and I love just going in there and sitting and thinking about our little cutie that will be here in THREE months!

Lastly, here is a pic of the belly. I have always understood black to be a slimming color, but every time I put this top on, I look huge. Maybe it's because I am huge. Here is the 26 week belly.


  1. Your comment about not successfully making desserts very often made me think of a time when we were really little, and we were in a making brownies phase. We couldn't figure out why they always burned even though we (and by we, of course, I mean your mom who helped us with the oven) put them in for the specified time.. until we finally realized that you and I were eating so much of the brownie batter before baking them, that we were really only baking half batches of brownies for the full amount of time. Anyway, it was a random memory and it made me smile :)

    Love that baby bump!

  2. You look like a pregnant model.

    And the baby room pic looks like it is a magazine pic. Nice job!

  3. You do not look huge. You don't even have a rear end!! How is that possible!!!!!!?????