Sunday, November 7, 2010

4 months, baby!

I can't believe Kyler is 4 months old. My tiny newborn is no more. He is a full-on baby. Wriggling, laughing, cooing, grabbing, scooting, almost sitting. How has this happened?? I just brought him home from the hospital...well someone did, I don't fully remember in my drug-induced state, recovering from surgery.

It is amazing how much can change in just 4 short a human can more than double his body weight, how he can go from sleeping all the time to declaring war on sleep during the day, how he can go from having the most awkward, alien-like, arm movements to being able to get anything he can reach into his mouth, how he can loose and regrow an entire head's worth of hair, and how he can be born after just 15 hours of labor and change our lives forever. We never thought we could find spit-up cute or actually covet someone's stroller, but parenthood works in mysterious ways, and these last 4 moths have been the most exciting months of our lives.

Kyler continually gets more fun, more active, more curious, more mobile, and more chunky. He is giggly, chatty, stubborn, strong-willed, sensitive, cuddly, needy, hungry, HUGE, investigative, happy, and very cute. Sometimes I still can't believe someone trusted us enough to let us keep him. I'm so thankful God chose us to be his parents.

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  1. precious baby. i love the twinkle in his eyes :)