Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baking up a New Hobby

With Kyler's amazing early bedtime (7 pm) and his even more amazing ability to sleep pretty well at night (usually), we decided we needed a new hobby together. Mostly so we don't end up wasting our wonderful evenings sitting on the couch watching movies, although sometimes that's really nice. This is such a great time for us to enjoy each other, talking, connecting, and doing an actual activity (cause men like to do things while they talk about feelings so they feel more manly).

Somehow we decided baking was a good idea. I'll let you know how our metabolisms feel about this in a few months. As for now, we are enjoying the tasty desserts and the inexpensive fun.

So far we have conquered a chocolate flourless cake (from one of my Real Simple mags) and a pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling (from BHG cookbook).

Hopefully this doesn't turn out like the last goal we set for our family. You can imagine how well that turned out. I mean it's great that they made it to the World Series and all, but I just couldn't handle the pressure. Wait....nope....that's the Rangers...I guess I'll stick to baking.

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