Monday, October 11, 2010

10 Things Currently Keeping Me Sane

These three months of mothering have been beyond amazing and enjoyable. With that being said, naturally there is a little chaos. These are a few things that have been helping me get through the day to day stress of being a new mama.

1. Decaf sweet tea. Kyler does not tolerate carbonated or caffeinated infused milk very well. If you want to experience a fussy/gassy baby, down a few glasses of Dr. Pepper and wait for 5pm to roll around. Brewing a pitcher of iced tea has really helped quench my thirst while simultaneously meeting my need for something sweet without upsetting baby's tummy.
2. Northpark Mall. I actually frequent this place a few times a week...but not for shopping. With Kyler being born in the peak of summer, it's been too hot (until recently) to go on walks with him outside. Now I understand why the mall is just full of moms with their strollers on week days. It is the best place to get exercise with baby while staying cool. It even has a public library for me to stop and pick up books and music for Kyler. I have loved this place.

3. My iPhone. Let me start by saying I used to think (well sometimes still do think) that iPhones are the epitome of social destruction and mind-numbing brain usage. Cody basically forced one on me. Oh the torture. Until I had a baby and found the glory of baby apps. In the midst of my hormone induced madness, my iPhone kept track of feedings when my memory was as useful as my broken Chi straightener. It kept me in touch with friends and other moms when I was lonely while spending hours sitting in bed with a nursing baby. It kept the internet close for all those emergency Googles of what to do when milk violently shoots out of my baby's nose. Most importantly, I love being able to capture cute pics and instantly send them to the Grandparents. I think they might love my iPhone for that capability even more than I do.

4. Baby Carriers. Whether it was my 40 ft long Moby wrap or the old trusted Baby Bjorn, "baby wearing" has definitely kept Kyler happy while still being able to have limited arm function.

5. Leftovers. Learning how to make really big, or just tripling, recipes has really been a life saver.
Eating the same meal for several lunches and dinners may not be culinary bliss, but it sure does make life easier, and cheaper.

6. Jewel's Lullaby CD. Enough said.

7. Earrings. Sometimes I think it's Kyler's main goal in life to prohibit me from doing my hair or make-up. He will take a cute little catnap just long enough for me to take a quick shower but immediately wake up and need to be held or fed, thus interrupting the getting ready process. I have found that throwing on some cute earrings makes me feel more put together than I actually am. Hopefully I am fooling others as well.

8. A good Pediatrician. We love ours. I have found that even just his confidence and laid back nature have put my mind at ease when it comes to weird baby ailments. When looking around for one, we heard his name over and over, that's how we knew he was a good pick. We trust him, and most importantly we know he genuinely cares about our baby's well-being so we know he's in good hands.

9. BumGenius Diaper sprayer. Let's just say newborn poop doesn't just fall off into the toilet.
10. My bed. Why? I usually get about 8 hours of sleep here that helps me recharge for another day of mayhem. It is also the only hours in a day that I don't have a baby physically attached to my body in one way or another. Thank you my precious son for this precious gift.

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