Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blogger's Block?

I've lost my love for blogging. Mostly because I've fallen in love with mothering, like..a lot. But I want to rediscover it. I have a lot of love to give, so I guess I can spare some for the 'ole blog. Although, I think I need a fresh start. A new blog. A new concept. A new personality...or a blogonality I should say. Still trying to figure that out. Any ideas?

In the mean time I shall update any loyal readers I still got going strong out there. To those of you...thank you, I love you. Like I love mothering, except I'm not going to change your clothes when you poop on yourself.

Kyler is such a blessing. He brings so much joy to our life (and apparently Duma's, too.) He started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago. Praise the Lord. Seriously. I actually thought this day would never come. Kyler is a very high maintenance sleeper. Usually the only way he will fall asleep is by eating, and I'm not talking about from a bottle people. And during the day (even still) that is the only way he stays asleep. Which means this mom doesn't get much done.

I love this picture. Probably just passing the time, pondering the great theologians, like Augustine and Martin Luther, like his daddy does.

Kyler is so smiley. When he is super flirty (he loves the ladies) he will smile and then get all bashful and bring his arms up by his face and try to hide the biggest smile you've ever seen. He is especially smiley when we go in to get him when he wakes up at 7:20 on the dot every morning. He is just laying in his car seat (yes that is where he sleeps- but at least it's in the crib) doing his lip popping trick and laughing. It is so cute.

I mean, could he look any fatter in this pic?

We have all been having so much fun. Even when we were only getting 2 hours of sleep at a time all night every night. Of course there are days that are hard. He still puts up a mean fight when it comes to falling asleep. And sure there are those evenings (and mornings..and afternoons) that he will not let me put him down. And there have been many a time where I am forced to embarrass myself a little in very public places because the child will NOT take a bottle or a pacifier.... all I can say is thank god for these things. But everything we do, every hour between 12 and 5 we are awake, every sick-nasty cloth diaper I am cleaning off in the toilet, every mile I end up power walking my baby around the house to get to fall asleep, every swanky restaurant I've ended up having to nurse in, every fun social outing I've had to miss, every shamefully ridiculous dance I do to make him laugh, every ounce of energy we've put into this precious baby's life has been completely and joyfully worth it. I am so thankful that our birth control did not out-control God's sovereignty. In fact, I cannot wait until the day we have more little Kyler's running around.

Wait, did I really just say that? Yes, yes I did.


  1. awww! i LOVE this. love love love. I so wish we were there to be a part of the adventure with you guys. I appreciate so much how you and Cody find the beauty in everything... so many people overlook it. We love you guys! I hope to come see that baby soon!

  2. aww... Welcome back Lauren! I love the update... so sorry I haven't called you back yet.