Monday, October 18, 2010

This Stuff is Hard

Parenting sure does involve a lot of decisions. A lot of decisions that could potentially lead to a very happy baby or consequently lead to a 14 year old adolescent who still needs Jewel to sing him off to sleep.

Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with choices. Do I let him cry it out? Do I try to force a schedule on him when he continues to prove he is a wildly unpredictable baby? Does he really need that much tummy time? Do I try the diaper-free elimination method (seriously? are we really doing this?)

I'm trying to use a good combination of different parenting measures from here and there. But most importantly (to me) I am trying to listen to my intuition and listen to my baby. I am trying to be the mother God intended me to be. I'm trying to love him the way He first loved us.

Can we all just agree that the world is a better place with diapers? Poop on the floor is so inconvenient.


  1. you're right girlfriend... it isn't easy! I don't know why I ever thought it was going to be, but I was surprised!
    BTW - are you really thinking about doing the diaper-free method? :)

  2. Noo! Was totally being sarcastic!! Although when I was explaining it to Cody, I was kinda like "hmm, maybe I should try this...haha"