Saturday, December 5, 2009

All I want for Christmas

I wish I could write about the beautiful snow that fell yesterday, like predicted, and how we played in it outside, had snowball fights, and frolicked around like children, but I can't. It did not snow yesterday. While I did enjoy, not, reading everyone's facebook status' and pictures of all the snow in Houston and Austin, I was very disappointed in the lack of snow in Dallas. Oh well, at least we got some earlier in the week.

Although it didn't snow like we were hoping, we did have a very Christmas-y and cozy night.

We finally bought a Christmas tree and decorated it in a way my mom would not approve. Not only did we use colored lights, but we used big ones AND small ones. That's right mom, and it's BEAUTIFUL! I'm only kind of kidding, I know my mom would still love it.

We still need a star to put on top, and we are going to have to fight Duma off from drinking all the water, but we are so happy with how our colorful tree turned out.

After the festivities, we made a fort in our living room and slept by the fire.
That's what I call a perfect night.

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