Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A sixth sense?

I've heard that dogs can sometimes sense that their owner is pregnant. This can cause them to have abnormal behavior, such as not eating or things like that. Well, our dog is not exactly the most perceptive or intelligent breed, I mean...we don't even know what breed she is exactly, but it's quite evident she's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
Nonetheless, she has been experiencing quite the sympathy-pregnancy induced fatigue. Laying around is normal behavior for her, but lately she's been realllllllly tired. Like... so tired that she has actually taken on my laying position. my. exact. position.

That's just not normal.

Regardless, at almost all times, you will find both me and Duma passed out on the couch like this, exhausted from growing a little baby.

No need to post a new belly pic, it pretty much just looks the same, except for the 10 pounds of water I must be retaining at all times. My pants are starting to get snug, though it doesn't really look like a baby bump, my no-longer-so-flat-belly is starting to fill out.

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  1. Lauren! I thought this might be helpful to you:

    It's the blog of a friend of a friend, and she's having a baby in a few months. She asked for help on what baby products to buy and got a bunch of responses. Maybe it will be helpful to you when you start registering. Hope you're feeling a little better!