Monday, November 30, 2009

I miss food

I have always been a big lover of food. Cravings were a usual thing for me in all my 23 years of life before pregnancy. I always envisioned my future pregnancy as being this wonderful joyride of delicious food bliss, craving everything and anything out of the ordinary, enjoying my regular nightly ice cream, throw in a couple of pickles here and there and I would be one happy pregnant woman.
Where has the luster of food gone?
And how am I suppose to live with the guilt of feeding my unborn baby KFC mashed potatoes and gravy because that is the ONLY thing that my body can handle right now? Or Jack in the Box tacos because I swear I just got a whiff of those from the restaurant 2 miles down the road?
How am I going to develop this peanut with all the nutrients and vitamins in fruits, vegetables, and all the other essential food groups when I can't stand the LOOK (literally- this made me sick) of a glass of milk, or another tangy orange, or the smell of broccoli?
Hopefully my prenatal vitamins are doing me well, because my appetite sure isn't.
I long for the day when food tastes delicious again, when I don't have to eat crackers all day just to keep my breakfast down, and when I can indulge in my love for fruits and vegetables again and feel confident that my little baby is getting everything he/she needs.

I just noticed this is my 100th post. How unexciting.


  1. haha awww don't feel first trimester was spent at whataburger. no joke, they knew me by name and would always say hello at the drive thru ...and knew to put jalapenos on everything lol i ate that for lunch and dinner pretty much everyday and sometimes i'd eat it for breakfast too. my daughter came out perfectly fine, i'm sure yours will too :)
    i think its funny how when you are pregnant it seems like the only thing you can keep down is usually something you think is so horrible for you child lol ...i put jalapenos on everything while i was pregnant, and i swore i was probably hurting my child, i was afraid she'd come out with an ulser haha go figure she has had a love of jalapeno anything since she was able to eat table food. :)
    sorry this is such a long comment, i just love talking about this stuff!

  2. Not speaking from personal experience, but every pregnant woman I've ever known has said the first trimester was absolutely miserable but the change from first to second was amazing and quick. A few ladies even said they lost weight the first trimester but did just fine putting on a healthy weight after that.

    So take heart, mommy Kimmel! If my calculations are correct, you've just got a few weeks left and then hopefully all of this will wear off. Praying for you and the bebe! Oh and congrats on 100's actually quite exciting!