Monday, July 27, 2009

The Omni ate our camera charger.

It is true. And so sad. Our camera battery charger rests in peace in room 628 of the Austin Omni Hotel. I called, I pleaded, I was defeated. It is gone. And so is the life of our little camera's battery, until we buy a new charger, that is. Don't worry, we will buy a new one soon, I don't like posting without pictures nearly as much.

The first thing I am doing when we buy a charger and charge up our camera is take a picture of the 50 lb bag of fabric in the trunk of my car. Not kidding. At least 50 lbs. It was heavier than Duma, waaaay heavier than Duma, so maybe it's actually like 75 lbs. You know that little project I want to do that I blogged about down there, well, I took the first step. I walked into a decorator outlet and asked if they had any fabric scraps. After being directed to the table of pre-cut clearance (gradma print) fabrics, I excplained I just needed really small scraps, like throw-away scraps. The employee did a little thinking, and then took us to the back room and showed me his heaping stash of scraps. I don't even know if you could consider some of these scraps, there are some pretty decent size pieces in there. Anyway, he offered me all of it, no charge, and even loaded it into a giant bag and carried it all the way to the car. Let me just say, I will be finding a lot of fabric projects to do. I will post pictures soon.

ps. We saw The Proposal last night and really liked it. Very funny, very cute.

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  1. WELL! i saw mrs sandra bullok last week!!!! on west sixth when i ate lunch at her new bakery :) shes very pretty in person :) glad we can be blog friends! :)