Sunday, July 5, 2009

Project Line-up

I am very excited about some projects I have on my to-do list. I can get lost in the blogosphere of design for hours, and although Cody laughs at how my brain gets sucked in, numbing my ability to interact for a while, I end up with some pretty awesome and ambitious plans.

My first and foremost project has been in the works for a while, and my mom is coming up next weekend to step in as The Martha and help get it done. You see, in my cute little guest room, behind some adorable, colorful fabric closet doors lies a growing pile of junk. Well, not junk, it just looks like junk the way it is so unorganized. It is actually my mecca of teacher supplies, craft stuff, art stuff, misc. I have been wanting to turn that closet space into a little craft corner for me and next weekend we are making it happen. I am so excited. Here is the plan.

(image via Martha Stewart)

I have the whole curtain doors aspect done and have some of the organization supplies, but we have to get wood to make the desk and shelves, and I'll be looking for a little chair at thrift stores to snatch up. I am so pumped about this and will be sure to post lots of pictures of the final project.

Another design element I want to add to a naked wall somewhere is a picture frame collage. I love the simple white frames filled with everything from photos, to paper, and even maps.

( from the wonderful this young house)

Lastly, something that just caught my eye...I instantly fell in love with this cute little fabric collage. I'm not sure what it would be good for, besides a nursery-which won't be needed for a long long time, but I love the way it looks and will try to find a good place for it in our no-babies-allowed-home.

There ya go, these are things that suck me into the internet for hours on end and have me redesigning my house on any given week day.


  1. Oh man, that closet idea is awesome! I may steal it someday.

  2. Can't wait to see the "after" pics. (I notice I use a lot of "quotes" and parenthesis. I can't stop!)

    Also, I love the fabric circles ideas! You prob have to order fabrics on line, huh? Cause I never see any fabrics that cute and vintagy at hobby lobby or Joannes.

    I will have to start checking out your design sources when its time for me to decorate.

  3. Houston = me. I was signed in under a different email address.

  4. Lauren - I LOVE the fabric circles too. I just did that for our nursery and it turned out great. Super easy too :)