Wednesday, June 10, 2009

someone's cookin in the kitchen and it aint me

As my wonderful husband cooks dinner for me tonight, I just heard the first rumble of thunder. I love storms in the summer. (Except when you work at the school of social work, like I used to in college, cause then you have to trek through the gigantic, but glorious, UT campus to deliver a piece of paper that could have easily been emailed. I pray for my dear Allison as she carries on the legend.)

Tonight's storm is the perfect situation. It will last through the cozy night as I make oat-meal chocolate chip cookies and cuddle during a movie, but it will end soon enough to still let the kiddos run like a bunch of crazies on the playground tomorrow.

Speaking of crazies....

sweet girl: Mrs. Lauren, do you have a daughter?

me: (haha) NO

girl: why?!?!

me: I don't have any babies.

girl: You better make some!

(picture from our latest amazing trip to Arizona- Sedona specifically)

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