Monday, June 15, 2009

Hotel for Dogs:

a surpisingly good movie.

Today our field trip was to the dollar theater.
As I sat there and ate my popcorn, candy, and enjoyed the movie, (while getting paid for it) I was shocked at how much I loved the movie.

I laughed, I cried, I hypothetically planned to adopt another dog.
It was...inspiring.

I appreciate the message it sends to kids and families about animals.
There are so many pets in pounds, and on the streets, that need homes andloving owners, and adopting these helpless little bundles of joy is what we need more of.

We got Duma from the pound and she never disappoints.
I'm pretty sure we will always adopt our dogs from the pound,
and I can't wait.

More Dumas!!!

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  1. I rrreally want to adopt a dog, and the next place I live will have to be dog-friendly. I can't wait to go to the shelter and find my perfect little friend!