Monday, June 8, 2009

because the blog haunts me at night

I promise I will post more when I have more interesting things to post about.
But come on, what's more interesting than that cute little face up there?
Just look at that intensity.

Has anyone noticed how trendy cupcakes are these days?
Sometime the strangest things are trendy, like birds, v-necks, owls, and all-things-hippie.
Anyway, the trendiness of cupcakes lately has made me crave them.
I'm not much of a cake gal, I much prefer ice cream, cookies, and brownies,
but last night, I kid you not, I almost busted out baking some little cupcakes in the wee hours of the evening. I'm not sure how much longer I can withhold.


  1. We should go to Sprinkles. I've never been, and I've heard mixed reviews, but I think we should see for ourselves. There's one in Dallas

  2. Ohmigosh you're alive...I was beginning to worry. Don't fail me now blogging buddy!

    P.s. did you make those cupcakes in the picture? If so nice work; they look delicious! If not, they still look delicious. I would like to eat them.

  3. I did not make them. They were made for our Arizona wedding reception, and they were delicious!

  4. I like your post title. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, and what did I start thinking about and planning? My next blog post. It's a sickness.

  5. Mmmmm, i `m totally agree you . your love it lovely of his face haha (like child ).