Wednesday, May 27, 2009

gotta get that boom boom boom

-what you would hear being sung should you walk into our house.


On Memorial Day we had a picnic on a pier in the midst of our 10 mile bike ride.

We don't do sissy bike rides.


We climbed the old Mulberry tree in the backyard today.

It was grand. Blueprints will be drawn soon for the tree house mansion we will build.

Can you tell we have been loving the outdoors lately? The weather has been wonderful, and we must enjoy it before it becomes egg-frying hot. We took Duma to the vet today for her weekend stay there. It was traumatic for all of us, although she seemed quickly fond of the boarder-man. We leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow for the desert country. I can't wait.

We are having breakfast for dinner tonight. And there might be raspberry waffles and banana pancakes involved. You better believe we will be eating out on our back porch. Oh, how I love the summa time.


  1. Um, first dibs on the tree house mansion. I know you're planning it as my personal guest house.

  2. You are great at blogging often!! and funny too!

  3. you've got to tell me what happened to jon and kate while i was gone. that show used to be my monday night pick-me-up. just watched the season premiere, and I think I'll be depressed for a month.