Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts, I don't even have a good explanation. It's been a good week. I have been playing phone tag with Kara, spending some good time with my girl Lauren, and even got to hang out with Cate and Hope. I could now proceed to type on for hours about the amazingness that are my friends, but I'll save that for another time... and it was a typical day at school today and my thoughts are jumbled and my words are wack.

I've been getting that blog itch again, where I want to redesign my blog. If any of you are loyal followers or even just random readers, you know I like to change up my blog. I have gone through several backgrounds, headers, and names. Still just trying to find my blog-style, and not blogging-style but just blog-style. Does that exist? I can't decide on a blog name or if I even want a background. hmmm. Check back tomorrow and I bet this place will be all kinds of different.

We have been trying out several churches in Dallas lately. I think we might have found one. Cody's been getting to know the pastor and some guys on staff, who are also DTS guys, and starting to get involved, so I'm hoping this will soon be a church we can call home. It would be great to start meeting some new people and have some community.

And so I leave you with this. Good luck trying to figure out what we were trying to accomplish.

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