Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mama's Day

This is my beautiful mom. Isn't she stunning?

I am sad today because I live in Dallas and she lives in Houston and we are not together today.

She is the best mom. Loving, nurturing, caring, funny, smart, and sensitive.

She taught me how to be a lady, she taught me about decorating, how to cook meat cookies, how to fold the corners of my sheets, how to be creative, she instilled in me a love for beige, and how to love and take care of a family. She supported my failed soccer career, my wonderful years of dancing, and even all the different colors I painted my bedroom.

As I continue to grow and mature, I find myself decorating like my mom, dressing like my mom, and sharing tendencies like my mom, and I am proud to say I take after her.

I love my mom so much and am thankful for everything she is and does.

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