Thursday, May 7, 2009

i love lists

Why it has been a great week.

Cody's parents came and stayed with us a while. We had lots of fun and got a lot of work done on the house. We are both blessed with such amazing families.

I have a new work schedule where I get off at 3:30. I don't get a lunch break, but it is worth it to get off that early. I'm loving it and hope it lasts a while.

It hasn't rained too much this week. I haven't even had to wear a jacket. I'm a summer gal.

Cody got a job! He will be working for a landscaping company doing various jobs part-time.

The week has gone by so fast and Friday is already here.

The Hills was filled with silly drama.

I have a wonderful husband and a Savior that provides sufficiently and loves immeasurably.

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  1. I loved the previous post. I once had a third grade flash everyone in the boys bathroom. I asked him why he did that (don't ever ask why!) and he told me, "I had a cool looking blue vein on my weiner and I wanted to show it off!"
    Oh, the joys of being a teacher! I will pray that you find a job!