Tuesday, May 19, 2009

as Duma licks my computer screen...

Finally victorious in talking to Kara. Felt so good, made me miss her more, made me consider flying to Philly for a weekend, and want to time travel back to our college roomie days, but I just love her.

So tonight my little 4-year-olds graduated from pre-school. Hot dog! Caps, diplomas, ceremony, an all. And now my life is complete.

Until I go back to school tomorrow and finish off the school year.

. . . . .

So...I am not a crazy health nut, but I do appreciate my food groups, vitamins, and balanced diet. I also, can be convinced of anything I read in a well-respected magazine. This actually caused me to rid our pantry (and meals) of canned goods, and Cody has ever since been so terribly deprived of his soups. This was because I read that a chemical released in canned products could potentially be cancer causing. I still used some canned things, but generally try to buy fresh as opposed to canned. I'm such a sucker, it's like they write those articles to me.

Anyways, all this to say...I am upping my calcium intake, and read a helpful article in Real Simple to help me do so. My family has a history of osteoperosis, and I have a weak back so I know it is important for me to get adequate calcium. I read that being outside in the sun helps your body produce vitamin D, which helps absorb calcium. So everytime I'm outside on the playground watching the kids, I focus on soaking up that Vitamin D. And then at lunch I drink my dixie cups of milk with the kids. And then at home I eat some cookies with milk and feel extra calciumed up. I can just feel my bones growing strong. My parents would be so proud.

Go get your calcium ladies! Something like 75% of women don't get their recommended calcium intake. Being hunched over when we are like 70 will not be hot. Drink that milk!

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  1. That is probably the only thing that I get enough of in my diet. I love milk! My only problem is I like to drink it with cookies or Smores Pop-Tarts. (While watching the Biggest Loser, I might add...)