Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Shmidol

Tonight must be the night. Everybody is up in a hoopla about the big winner tonight. I don't even know a single contestant, but I hope it's someone like Clay Aiken who wins. I mean, where would we be today without Clay Aiken. Ask Cody about this, he might have a secret.

So I stumbled upon this sweet little article today. Who knew CNN had a heart? If I had a big readership, I would tell everyone to post about the kiss that changed their life. But I don't think I do, so I will just post mine and cross my fingers that others share theirs too.

This is Cody and me on our honeymoon. That week marked the beginning of our lives together...and fulfilled my dream of a romantic horseback ride on the beach with my lover.

Which kiss changed your life?

Let me just add that I wore make-up to work yesterday in preparation for looking decent at the graduation ceremony, and one of my little girls asked me if "my mom let me wear make-up today." Shoot, I forgot to ask her, I hope she didn't mind that I took it upon myself to wear all that foundation and mascara. Sorry mom.


  1. The first time Greg and I kissed :) Right after he put a ring on my finger!

  2. That was a really great post! I have never thought of that before...I guess it would be our wedding kiss??!! Mainly b/c it was the beginning of our new life and there was no backing out now. Just kidding! Kids really do say the funniest things!!