Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well come on in...

Our little home in Dallas.

Our mail man comes right up to the door, which I love. It feels very old fashion.

The first room you see when you walk in is the empty room. The colors on the walls in the main living area are a pale yellow that I'm not crazy about. I'm hoping to warm them up with a better color soon.

Our couches are little to big for the set up we have, but the space in the room is so weird. We can't figure out a better best set-up, and trust me, we have tried a lot!

I love the exposed brick on our fire place. We found the antique chair for cheap at a consignment shop, I plan on reupholstering it once I learn how, for now I just cover up the fabric with a pillow.

Our kitchen and breakfast nook. The light above the table is a memoir from the previous bachelor home-owner. I'm not sure what I want to replace it with, but it will have to be cheap and fabulous.

Our guest bathroom. I strategically angled it away from the mirror and and lights that were left for us, yuck.

The guest bedroom is kinda bare. Decor runs out fast when trying to decorate a 3 bedroom house. On one of the walls in this room there is a double closet that had no doors when we moved in, so I hung pretty fabric to close of the closet and brighten up the room.

Cody's rockstar office. Guess where the light came from? Yep, the old bachelor who lived here before. But....I don't hate it....
Our master bedroom, still a work in progress.

The curtains are looking a little droopy, not sure what's going on there.

Our favorite patio in the world... The backyard is small, but the tree is big and beautiful. I love how older neighborhoods have so many trees.

Hope you enjoyed!

If you have a blog, I would love to see your pics of your home!


  1. It is so cute! When did y'all move in? You sure do have it all put together! We have been in our house for 6 years and still have a "junk" room and have nothing hung in our bedroom!! Oh well!

  2. Thanks, we moved in about 3 months ago. Yeah, I have a feeling our empty room will be empty for a long long time.