Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where the Heart is

We are officially homeowners! We moved in Friday after a crazy busy week of packing, driving uhauls, and waiting around in Dallas for closing funds to transfer. But all of it was worth it to move into our new little home. We absolutely love it! We tore up the floors in the living and kitchen area the first two days and laid down laminate wood floors with lots of help from great friends. The house is still a mess and full of boxes, but it will slowly come together. Right now we are still just trying to make it liveable and I am trying to start working. Today Lauren and I arranged and decorated Cody's office for him, since he will be working from home until he starts DTS. I didn't let him see it until it was totally complete so it would be a nice little surprise, and he loved it! I am so happy he will have an enjoyable space of his own to work in everyday. Now we need to finish all the other rooms in the house. Pictures will be posted soon, just once I find the chord that attaches to the camera!!

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