Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our New House

Here are a few pictures of what we've been working on...

Check out that yellow! At first we thought it wasn't that bad, it was kinda fun...but oh boy, once the sun goes down, that yellow actually starts glowing. I am not sure how someone got that much highlighter on a wall. Don't worry, it's gone now...found some left over paint from our old place and recycled it on the yellow walls.

Cody ripped up all that linoleum and we replaced it with beautiful laminate wood floors, which we could not have done either with out the help of these strong men!
My personal decorators, Mike and Geoff, helping me pick out paint colors. After painting the bedroom and half of the kitchen, and loosing my ability to grip a paint brush, I decided the color in the living area was just fine.
My more realistic personal decorator, Lauren, helped me recycle the window coverings from the sliding doors (that don't slide and are being replaced) to our bedroom window that used to have nasty old blinds on them. I will post the "after" picture soon. Lauren and I had lots of fun with power tools.

She was more woman than I was to operate the miter saw. My dad gave this to Cody for the floors, it was a huge help!

Our first week in Dallas has been a smooth transition. Our friends have been so good to us and have made us feel very welcome and at home already. This is such an exciting adventure for Cody and me, and I really believe it's going to strengthen our marriage and grow us as a couple. I am eager to discover all the reasons God called us to Dallas.

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