Monday, February 23, 2009

darn you economy...

So I started the dreaded job hunt Friday. I just couldn't stand one more day of Cody working so hard in his office (which looks strikingly awesome might I add), while I mope around the house with my freshly earned degree and teaching certificate in hand. It's time for me to bring home some of this beacon we all talk about. It feels so defeating already just knowing the condition of the economy and that I am starting my job search right now. There are so many people right now trying to find jobs and doing the exact same thing I'm doing. I mean whatever happened to the old "there is always a demand for teachers"? Where is this demand? And especially in Dallas, where they just laid off 1,000 employees of the school district because of a glitch in the budget.

Last week, I was actually in the process of signing of with some childcare career company. They would hire me and place my in schools on temp basis' until one of the schools liked me and took me full time. Once I saw the pay rate, I actually told them I couldn't accept it and needed to think about it. I mean, am I crazy? Am I? I would have been making less than I made at my college part time job. With a teaching degree and adequate childcare experience I just couldn't bring myself to accept it. It's not because I want some huge salary, I don't. Cody makes more than enough for us to live comfortably. But I want to feel like what I am doing with my time is worth it. I also want to somewhat enjoy what I will be doing, and jumping around from pre-school to pre-school until they find a fit doesn't sound too appealing. It's too similar to subbing, and I don't want to go through that again. So I walked away from this opportunity in a step of faith. I just need some sort of stable job until I can (hopefully) teach my own classroom in the fall, but I don't think that was it.

I will prayerfully await the next opportunity. Maybe the economy will start coming around soon. When I think of recessions and depressions, I think of not being able to eat things like butter, cookies, and ice cream. I hope I find a job soon cause I really love butter, cookies, and ice cream...especially ice cream.

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