Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A few "afters"

Cody's office is by far the coolest room in the house so far, and not just because it is the only completed room, it's just legitimately cool. Lauren and I locked ourselves in that room for hours and put it all together till it was just right. Cody loved it when I brought him in there when it was done, he did flips. The office is great, its extremely functional, full of books, and definitely reflects the rocker in Cody.

Our kitchen has received a budget-friendly face lift. We put in new floors, changed the hardware, painted the galley area, and spruced it up with some decor. I just adore our breakfast nook.

A few things I've been learning about old houses...

Our heater doesn't actually get our house above 67 degrees. This kinda makes me want to cave and get a Snuggie.

Electrical outlets are often wired to random light switches. No more blow drying my hair in the dark. Maybe that's a good thing.

Heat lights in the bathroom rock. May not be the most attractive things, but because there is no air vent in the bathroom, the heat lights warm it up.

Closets smell like old.

1960's double ovens are not easy to replace.

The other rooms in the house are not quite blog ready. My parents are coming up here this weekend to stay in our new guest room, yay! My dad will help Cody with man things around the house and my mom will help me make the house beautiful. Hopefully there will be pictures ready soon.


  1. aahahaha! I always tell Greg I need a snuggie!

  2. by the way, why is posting comments on your blog so weird and difficult? It is different that any other blog. it always takes me like 5 tries to get it to actually post.

  3. Oh, and I love the color blue in the kitchen. The floors and everything look great!

  4. The office really is awesome. I don't want to work anywhere else.