Monday, February 9, 2009

The Beginning of The End...

Packing up and moving out of our 530 sq. ft. tree house.

Decorating mags- everywhere.
Boxes and boxes and boxes of books.
Stacks of boxes slowly piling up everywhere.
New couches!! Well, kinda new. Our amazingly sweet friends donated their couches to us when they got new ones. And I'm not talkin shabby old couches, these puppies are awesome, clean, beautiful, and sooo cuddleable. We are so thankful for their generous donation!!

Because we are moving Friday, and transferring utilities, for some terrible reason, we had to end our cable and internet service last week. This means no internet til Saturday. I sit in our tiny place with my head on the couch next to Duma's, waiting for Cody to come home from work and entertain me. It's quite boring, but Twilight has helped, thanks Hope! Thankfully, my mom is coming up tomorrow to hang out and help pack a little. Dad is in Europe for 3 weeks, so it will be good for her to get out of the house, not sure that our tiny garage apartment is the best getaway for her, but she loves me...and Cody...and Duma. We will have tons of fun. We have already started saying our goodbyes here. It's so sad. Our small group had a game night for us and gave us the cutest stamp with our new address on it. They are all so sweet and we are really going to miss them. I guess we also have them to thank for the extreme amount of pain Cody and I were in after playing Wii with them for the first time. Not to mention that I beat the hubs in boxing. That's right. After church on Sunday we stopped by the place we had our Rehearsal Dinner, Bucca di Beppo. We were looking for something in particular that my dear sister-in-law Shiloh left. And, yes it was there. Thank you Shiloh, she's the best. Look closely.

This coffee shop is probably closing soon. Can't wait to blog from the big D in our new house.


  1. or is it the end of the beginning..

    jen bunnay

  2. You are a great blogger, that's my story. Oh and I will miss you!!! :)