Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mrs. Chemical

As I blog, the kids are at PE. I never realized how much my last name sounds like "Chemical" until I became Mrs. Chemical as opposed to Mrs. Kimmel. Is it bad that I like it? I mean, I just can't bring myself to correct the little faces looking up to me as they so proudly exclaim it. Anyway...right now I am sitting in an 80 degree kindergarten classroom. And, yes, I made it that way. Elementary classrooms are notorious for being freezing, what kind of working and learning environment is that?? There is nothing I love more than having control of a thermostat in a classroom, and when I am subbing, I have just that. I just love teaching in a warm classroom, mmmm. Today I am at the school that I had my wonderful experience of student teaching at. It is so fun to walk through the hallways and see my old students. They hug me, tell me how much they miss me, and compliment the stripes I'm wearing, how kind. Here are some of the faces I'm talking about.

Now can you see why I let them call me Mrs. Chemical? I had such a great student teaching experience. It really prepared me to have my own classroom. Here are some of my favorite memories from that semester.

I discovered my love for decorating doors.

We used our patterning skills to make Native American headresses.

We studied different occupations and made paper costumes. We then paraded around the school while everyone admired these precious proffesionals.

My peaceful break is over. Back to the chaos.

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