Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I was talking with a dear friend today about my honeymoon. Oh, how I love remembering our wonderful honeymoon, so I thought I would share it with the world. We went to the most romantic, luxurious and relaxing resort. It was all-inclusive and the service was great, we still think about Mateo and how much we appreciated him bringing us breakfast in bed every morning. The first two days we were there, there was a tropical storm, but it was so romantic and cozy. It was kind of like being stranded with the man of my dreams, it was awesome. Once the storm passed, and we actually got to outside to the beach, it was beautiful. Hanging by the pool, eating by the sea, and reading/napping was so relaxing. One day we went horseback riding on a secluded beach, I love riding horses so it was amazing. It really was the best honeymoon I could have imagined.

If you are honeymooning or anniversary-ing, they welcome you with a banner on the door. Ours said Honeymooners and it tickled me every time I saw it.

Our bed was so cozy. Oh how we long for sleeping in a bed that is bigger than a double again.

We ate at fabulous restaurants in the resort every night. We didn't even mind the hour waits every night. We were on our honeymoon, nothing bothers you on your honeymoon.

Yep, we're that couple. We love each other and we don't care who knows it.

We went into town one day and ate lunch where the locals were eating. That's how you know the food is good. And mmmm it was good. We also bought a beautifully colored spoon rest that now adorns our stove and tired spoons.

At least twice I week I beg Cody to take me back soon. Hopefully in a few years we can go back. Thank you Secrets Capri Riviera.

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