Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm Having a Baby

Today it hit me. I'm almost 35 weeks. This time, when I was pregnant with Kyler, I had our hospital bags packed, clothes washed, nursery perfectly ready, bassinet waiting beside my bed, and everything else ready. Now, I have a "nursery" that is still doubling as my craft room/junk storage, newborn gear still in the attic, don't even have a bassinet yet, and I just shared our "emergency labor plan" with our key Kyler watchers. Needless to say, I am not prepared. It's a good thing all newborns really need is love and a boob. I definitely have that.

After this abrupt realization, I mentally slapped myself and got to work. I sewed some curtains for the baby's room, and then reminded myself once again I still have to clean out that closet. This is the closet that I turned into my craft/workstation a few years ago, seen here. Once I clean that out and turn it into a little changing station and get all the baby clothes, burp cloths, blankets etc., I will feel a lot better.

Since we all know the weekly belly pictures was a bust, let's just pretend this is the appropriate weekly photo and that I'm not standing in front of (and am as big as) a Christmas tree. This was about 34 weeks and if I look exhausted, it's because I am. All the time. I keep promising myself I will never be pregnant again when I have little ones. Chasing and hauling around a toddler all day when I'm this big is just so hard. Pregnancy is terrible on my back, so I feel like I've been hit by a truck every day by about 10 am. That's okay, it's totally worth it.

I would share some pictures of the baby's room in progress, but it's still such a mess right now. Those will come soon. Here are a few photos from our Christmas.

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