Friday, September 16, 2011

Belly Pics

I am determined to keep up with this baby's growth! Here are my 17 and 18 week belly photos. And because I'm already 19 weeks pregnant (where is the time going?!), I'm due for another!

No, I didn't grow 4 inches in the second photo, we basically just run outside whenever we remember, and get a chance, and snap a photo at whatever part of the fence where the sun is not blinding me. Professional, huh? I prefer the angel glow anyway (see second photo).

I'm definitely feeling this little one move all around now. They say that you can feel the baby move sooner with the second pregnancy, but I felt it right at 17 weeks, just like the first one. Another thing I remember about the second trimester from the first time, the hunger has set it. I'm hungry all the time! Right when I finish dinner, I'm hungry again. I usually have to top it off with some taquitos or grilled cheese...and I add salt...I know, it's bad. My cravings have been intense lately! I've also been eating caprese salads like a mad woman. mmmmmm so good.

My big 20 week ultrasound is coming up. Since we aren't finding out the sex, we might have to look away at some points in the ultrasound. I still love seeing our little baby bounce around and wave to us. Can't wait to meet him/her!


  1. you are going to LOVE not finding out the gender! it would always crack me up when i was (obviouslly) about to have her and people would ask "oooo what are you having?" a i would say..."a baby" ;) everyone was SHOCKED that we did not find out! :) now with Violet we did find out and that was super amazing too!! its wonderful both ways and it is so fun that we have gotten to experice both:) when its time for #3 not sure what we are going to do.... i want to wait...jake wants to find out....we will see:)