Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The End...

of breastfeeding. Warning: lots of boob talk here.

I've known it was coming for weeks. As Kyler is almost 1, with lots of changes taking place, and lots of too much of a 22 lb baby wiggling around on my lap, the end of breastfeeding is very much in sight.

I've always had a love love relationship with breastfeeding. It came very easy, but I don't take that for granted. I know tons of women struggle with it and I feel very blessed it was such an enjoyable experience for me. And for Kyler, too enjoyable. It is the only thing the kid ever became attached to. No bottles, no pacis, no blankets, no animals, no thumbs, nothin'! Just boob. Even though this meant that I literally had to be attached to him every 2.5 hours those first months, I loved every minute of it.

Now as I have to relinquish over my rights for providing him with all that nutritious goodness, I'm hoping that he will take to whole milk in an easy transition. I feel like this is the first step to child. No more baby.

I actually thought this would be much more harder emotionally. Maybe I'm dealing with it so well because I have a lot to look forward too in the near future...


  1. can i tell you how proud i am of you for breastfeeding! seriously. it makes me so happy. the longest any of my friends breastfed was 6 weeks. Everyone else less than 2. (not because they couldn't.) I am so happy Kyler has such a wonderful selfless mamma! I realize I haven't had children yet, and I hope and pray I will be a milk machine! :)

  2. Girl I love breastfeeding! I'm definitely Pro-boob. And even though it came very easy for me, if it hadn't, I would be very determined to breastfeed as long as possible no matter what.

    And it's very easy to be a milk machine--it's called demand feeding!

  3. i love breastfeeding! Jacob is 5 months now and we are still going! i love the bonding :) it makes me so happy because i did not have it this easy with my first little i am about to start him on food at 6m...any advice on how to keep him interested breastfeeding? i'm a little worried he won't want it anymore once he starts on foods. thanks!...and awesome on doing it for so long, i'm praying i can too!

  4. You could always offer the breast before each feeding of solids, that way he doesn't fill up on food and not want bm. Or if you are really worried about it, don't introduce any water or juice, they really say they don't need water yet (since they get everything and more from bm) and it can interfere with nursing. Good luck girl!