Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa! I know him!

I hope you know the movie my title is alluding to. If not, then how are you in the Christmas spirit?

We have been busy getting into the Christmas spirit over at our household. One of these days I might even blog about it if I retrieve my camera (which I left in Houston) and I devote enough time to actually upload pics.

We've been traveling to Arizona for family time, buying and putting up a tree, baking lots of delicious treats, and watching some of our favorite holiday movies. Someone has even learned to roll over, laugh out loud (a lot), and start eating foods like sweet potatoes.

I have been reflecting a lot on Christ's birth in a new way this Christmas. Having recently given birth to my favorite little boy just a few short months back, I can't help but imagine what Mary must have felt giving birth to her favorite little boy. To look at her child and know He was sent to save this world of sinners. I can't even wrap my head around it. She didn't even try to selfishly protect him from his fate, but she submitted to the Lord and raised her child to fulfill his divine purpose. How hard a mothering task she had.

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