Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Few Firsts

Kyler has been working hard at learning new tricks and accomplishing new goals. It's so funny to watch him learn something new because once he figures out he can do something, from that moment on he does it non-stop! Here are a few of his recent "firsts".

Kyler started rolling over from tummy to back. I don't have too many pictures documenting this because at first he could only do it naked. What can I say? The boy works best in the nude.

Kyler started eating food. I originally wanted to hold out to the 6 month mark, but he started waking up several times a night to eat, so I knew this little Chunkster needed more than just milk to keep his tummy full.

We took our first plane ride with Kyler (outside of the womb this time), and he did surprisingly great. He slept most of the time on each flight which had me wondering if maybe he accidentally got swapped at security and we were actually holding an identical looking baby that was not ours.

Kyler experienced his first Thanksgiving in Arizona. He finally got to meet the rest of his wonderful family, like Aunt Shiloh and Uncle "Leon".

While also in Arizona, he got to swing for the first time. He loved this! He actually fell asleep in it once. I'm thinking about giving up on the whole crib-thing and bolting one of these to the ceiling. Don't think I haven't tried regular indoor baby swings, I have, and they don't work with this guy.

Most recently, Kyler has started to sit up on his own. He falls after a few seconds of course, but it is amazing to see how much his balance improves every day. He is also wearing his first baby flannel. His daddy is proud.

I'm hoping he'll hold off on some of the next few milestones, like crawling. I don't know if I'm fully prepared to be chasing this little bundle of energy around my house. I might need to start some cardio in preparation.
I'm also hoping he'll hold off on the whole rest of the growing-up-thing. My baby is getting too big too fast. Next thing I know he's going to be playing drums naked in his room and bringing chicks home from school.

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  1. Oh my word, he's adorable!!!! Got your thank you card in the mail- you are welcome!