Monday, November 15, 2010

Overdue Haircut

Not mine.

Duma's. Over the summer.

You see, between the months of March and November, Duma thinks it's fun to shed about 2.9 lbs of hair a day. Then when September rolls around, we have approximately 4 months of hair-free-house until the whole process starts over again. It's ridiculous.

Well, this past summer, we out-smarted her. Yep, we shaved her hair off so she didn't have to lose it. Not completely, but just enough to keep my floors semi-clean and just enough to coincidentally make her look really funny. After all, her long wavy hair is what gives her all that glory.



I kinda felt bad, she was completely helpless to how ridiculous she looked. But not bad enough to stop me from getting her shaved again for next summer. muahaha.

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