Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Conversations with a 4 year old

About half of my class understands that I am pregnant. The other half must think we're crazy when they would hear people say things like, "Mrs. Lauren isn't here today because the baby in her belly makes her sick" or when I say things like, "please do not head-butt me there, I have a baby in there." The kids that know what being pregnant means are pretty cute, and they are very interested in my growing belly. I do get lots of fun questions, though....

little girl: Why do you have a baby in there?
me: Because that's where they grow.
girl: How did it get in there?
me: created it and put it there.
girl: But how, like how did it get there?
me: ask your mom
girl: How are you going to get it out?
me: thinking: you don't want to know. I'm going to push it out. (gotta teach the truth right?)
girl: Well, how's it going to get back in there?
me: It's not going back in there!

other little girl interested in our conversation interrupts: Is there a bottle in there for the baby?
me: nope
girl: Is there a refrigerator in there?
me: NO! Thank God.

I hope I don't already look like I could be carrying a fridge in there!

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