Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm baaack...well maybe

I have been on a little internet hiatus. I've been spending time away from the internet and TV to get some clarity. It's been good. I have been able to see more of what God is doing in my life and trying to focus less on what's not happening.

In the meantime, we have had some adventures.

We were able to go to Vail, Colorado to help out with Cody's parents' ministry, Family Matters.

Cody's parents are doing some really awesome things through that ministry and God worked in pretty powerful ways that weekend. We were blessed to be apart of it.

We even got to ride horses. If I had my way, we would've just cuddled with them the whole time.

The mountains were so beautiful.

I also wanted to share a new accessory I've been sporting.

Why yes that is Cody's name in Old English on my back. Don't worry mom, it was an airbrush tattoo I got a few weekends ago at Oktoberfest.

I'm trying out life as a stay-home housewife today and tomorrow as I am out from work with bronchitis. I'm pretty bored. Dang those kids and their germs.

I kinda miss those dang kids. Wait, what am I saying?


  1. love the pictures of Vail!! We should have gotten one together :)

  2. When were you in Vail? We could have gotten dinner or something!

  3. i love being a stay at home housewife!! its soo great :) its so nice to be able to keep up with what's goin on in your lives!!

  4. Gosh, what a cute coat!

  5. Pretty pictures, I would love to be in Colorado right now, with the leaves changing.

  6. I’m commenting to challenge you to a blog throw down of sorts (if you don’t watch Food Network, this reference will be meaningless). Anyways, on November 11th I will be posting a collection of 11 random things about myself (facts, pet peeves, sayings, hobbies, hopes, dreams, etc.). I challenge (invite) you to join me in doing the same on Nov. 11th, and then we can link to each others’ blogs and it will be awesome. This is a random idea of mine, but I thought it would be fun to have some community with blog friends. I’m challenging others, and feel free to invite other to participate. So, what say you? Do you accept this challenge? :)