Monday, April 13, 2009

A kid gave me a fat lip today...

and then I thought seriously about getting my tubes tied.

Last week I submitted my application to Dallas ISD. Talking about putting all my eggs in one basket. I had a mini freak-out after I hit submit, so now I'm thinking about applying to some other school districts too.

Cody starts summer classes at DTS soon. So he will also be looking for a new job in these next few months. Right now is really a time where our faith is going to be tested. We can't, for a second, lose sight of why we are here and how much we trust that God will provide.

On a lighter note...yesterday, Cody and I tried to climb our big, beautiful tree in the backyard. We didn't conquer it yet, but you better believe I will document it when we do.

Maybe when we get up there we will build a tree house. And I can hide up there from all 4-year olds, forever.


  1. I'll keep you guys in my prayers! The Lord provides. Remember that :) And also, I'm not sure if those were the best tree-climbing clothes or shoes... Just sayin...

  2. Be joyful my sis! Here are the top 3 reasons to be joyful about your job:
    1) It is only for a season...and a short one at that
    2) God is using it to provide you with money (maybe not a ton, but still...)
    3) You have awesome blog material and stories!