Thursday, March 12, 2009

missing Cody

Tonight Cody is in Brady, TX speaking and singing at a youth group meeting. This was not good timing seeing as I came home from work today in tears because of 18 little headaches and a nasty classroom. Needless to say, the job has been rough. Pray that I last another week.

I have lost my blogging groove. When I sit down to blog, its like I can't put words together. I think this, too, is a result of the new job and lack of brain cells I have left when I get home. Anyways, my TV is stuck on the show Bones because the hub is DVRing it and I am so sweet and not changing the channel so it will actually record. So I am attempting to blog and can't think of anything profound to document so I'm putting up some pictures that I enjoy.

Here is a picture of our front door. It's ready for spring and so am I.

This is a picture of Duma with her new best friend Dakota, Lauren's dog. Duma follows her around like a....well, a little dog and copies everything she does, it's funny. Dakota on the other hand isn't too fond of her, but she is warming up to her.

This is our most recently painted wall. I used the blue paint we had left over from our garage apartment, where we a painted a similar little accent wall like this. I have now deemed this a tradition, I really hope I don't regret this, but now every house we live in will have to have a wall painted this color. Now we just need some furniture to go with the blue wall and the huge empty room it encloses.

This is the man baby. This is only funny if you know my dad, for the others, it's just precious. My dad as a baby looks exactly like my dad does now. Does that ever happen?!?! No, most babies just look like little babies. But Bill Grosse baby looks like Bill Grosse man. Love it!

Now I am going to go finish off one of the three flavors of Ben and Jerrys we have stocked in our freezer and wait for Cody to come home. I sure do miss that man when he's gone.

Update: I finished off 2, it was a hard, hard day.

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