Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Haps

On Friday, this girl, Lauren drove down from Dallas to Austin.

She hopped in my car and we drove to College Station to hang out with these girls.

Along with some chex mix,
and B. Spears.

It was so fun to all be together since now we are all spread out across the great state of Texas.
They caught me up on what's cool to wear in my hair, and I persuaded them, along with Shallan, to create their blogs.

On Saturday, we all caravaned, via speaker phone, back to Austin. We ate delicious Mexican food and went and watched my hub's band, Eliot Fitzgerald, play what might have been their last show. They are all such great guys, if only DTS was in Austin. The show was great and we all will remain die-hard fans for life!

On Sunday, I slept late and met Cody at church. We ate lunch at my relative Sandy's house on the lake and picked out some free furniture from her. Later I gave Cody a hair cut, in the dark (scary?), and listened to him yell at the TV for his home team, the Cards. Too bad they lost, sorry Cody.

Mmm, great weekend!

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