Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feed the Artists

Just for clarification from the last post, I am not preggers! I am just enjoying preparing a comfy cozy home for us to move into. With that being said, I saw on TV a commercial advertising a "Starving Artist Sale" here at a hotel in Austin. It said you could get sofa sized paintings for $19!!! And nothing over $59!! So of course we went to get some wall decor for our new house that we move into in a few weeks. There were a ton of cheesy paintings, lots of naked ladies (ew), and some really great pieces. We found two sofa size paintings and two smaller ones for the kitchen. The pictures don't really capture the painting well, they are all really pretty.

We love this one, because my musical hub loves his jazz, maybe for the living room

We might put this one above our bed, it doesn't look very good in the pic

We might frame these and put them in the kitchen

We also went to both Home Depot and Lowes today to compare prices on flooring, appliances, patio doors, lights, and I came home with like 50 of those free color idea books. We are having a hard time deciding between hardwood floors and laminate floors that look like hardwood and are a lot cheaper and easier to install. We also took Duma to the dog park where she got beat up by an 8lb puppy. That's our girl!

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