Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hayes's Birth Story

I knew from the day that Kyler was born, I would from then on out have to have scheduled c-sections. Because Kyler was so low from me pushing for hours, they had to do an additional vertical incision on my uterus, which puts me at high risk for uterine rupture. I have always hated this fact. Kyler's birth was traumatic and the recovery was hell. Thankfully, this time was much better.

Everyone thought I would go into labor early. I walked around for 4 weeks being 3 cm dilated and fully effaced with lots of contractions. Somehow I made it to my scheduled date and went in for my c-section. This was the weirdest thing. Walking into L&D and getting prepped for surgery. Hair did, make-up on, and no contractions. I would have much preferred the alternative....but again, this is what was safest for me and baby.

When we got to L&D, they put us in a small room to get ready for the operating room. I got hooked up to an IV and received my epidural, which just like last time, hurt tremendously. How am I the only person that finds these extremely painful?!? Cody was able to be with me through this, but almost immediately after the epidural, they started wheeling me off to the OR for prep and Cody had to stay behind. Of course all my nerves and anxiety started getting the best of me as I am laying in a cold, bright room with doctors and nurses all around me. I will never get used to this. Finally, Cody was allowed to come in and be by my side. They started the surgery and not long after we heard the sweet words "we've got another little boy". We couldn't be happier. And somewhere between our tears we looked at each other and celebrated the fact that we could soon have bunk beds for our sweet boys :)

Since we hadn't found out the gender ahead of time, we hadn't totally decided on a name, and I didn't want to decide until I held him (which I couldn't do until in recovery). Cody got to hold the baby and keep him near my face as they finished up the surgery. Once they were all done, they wheeled us into recovery. Unlike Kyler who had to go straight to the nursery because of my fever from laboring, Hayes was able to go to recovery with me. I got to hold my little boy for the first time and immediately had skin-to-skin with him. I tried breastfeeding him for the first time (although he preferred to just sleep) and had the sweetest time bonding with him. It was incredible. This is when I knew he was a little Hayes. Hayes Davis. He is named after Cody's brother who's middle name is Davis. After we spent some good time together, family was able to come in and meet little Hayes. Unfortunately, Kyler was super super sick (this is a whole other crazy story) so he wasn't able to come up to the hospital at all.

I spent 3 nights in the hospital recovering. Family and friends were in and out and it was such a sweet time. It was so hard being away from Kyler for so long, but having that immediate bond with Hayes really helped. Had I not bonded with him right away, I think I would have been a mess the whole time missing Kyler. My poor mom caught what Kyler had (the flu), so my dad had to take care of Kyler and all the cleaning and cooking. He was amazing!

Being home so far has been great. Though I am still healing and definitely not 100% back to normal, recovery is going so much better this time. I'm not as emotional and I'm physically able to do so much more. Kyler has been adjusting so well. He shows interest in Hayes and tries to help out with him so much, it is so sweet. I can tell he has been a little guarded towards me (maybe for being away from him for so long, maybe for having this new baby attached to me so often) but it is getting better. It's been completely heart breaking to feel him being distant to me, but I think now that I am on my own (no more grandmas around) things will get better.

Overall, I am loving being a mom of two. These two boys are going to grow up and have so much fun together. I am so thankful for such a smoother delivery and so so thankful for my sweet boys.

Here are a few photos from these past weeks:

This was the night before I went into the hospital. 1 day before my due date.

Holding my baby for the first time.

Hayes had the cutest little red mark on the tip of his nose the first few days. It's so funny all the things that change those first few days.

Going home from the hospital. Little 6 lb 15 oz of him didn't fill out his little outfit.

Pretty much what he does all the time...

Hayes looks a lot like Kyler did as a newborn, but we definitely see differences. It's going to be so fun watching all the similarities and differences in these two little boys!

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  1. So glad it was a better experience. We have been sick here too or I would have come to see you!!!