Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Fall Wreath

Yes, you are reading a blog post that is not all about my belly. It's a miracle!

With all the adorable fall wreaths floating around on Pinterest (my new google), I knew I had to make one. Especially because at all times of the year, my door is adorned (hehe) by one of two wreaths, a spring-ish wreath or a Christmas wreath. Bor-ing! But I can't stand my door naked. So off to Hope Depot I went.

Why Home Depot you ask? I bought a 97 cent pipe foam that I then cut in half, formed in a circle, and duck taped into a wreath. That's two wreaths, people! And the amount of fun Kyler had carrying that thing through the store was worth 97 cents alone.

I also purchased a $7 drop cloth in hopes to use it for my Burlap rag wreath. The burlap at Home Depot was too lose and a trip to Joannes was not gonna happen if nap time was. Luckily, my girls I was crafting with had some extra burlap so they graciously let me use it. Don't worry I have big plans for that there drop cloth later. I'm thinking a table runner or pillow covers.

Thanks to my wonderful strip cutter Hope, and lots of no-bake cookies to get me through a few hours of knot tying, it didn't take long to get 'er done.

Because I had a hard time finding an actual tutorial for this kind of wreath, here is what I did:

1. Cut about a million strips of Burlap into 1" x 16" strips
2. Tie around wreath overlapping and all which ways. Can be double or single knots.
3. Fluff and adjust to fill out wreath. Burlap will fray, which adds to the look.
4. Admire a job well done with a little bit of carpel tunnel.

Shouldn't I write tutorials for a living? Gosh, I'm good.

I originally planned on just leaving it simple with just the burlap, and maybe adding a red bow for Christmas, because you know I don't like to actually have a variety of wreaths to use....
But when I stepped away it just needed a little something, so I added 4 strips of brown ribbon by tying them at the bottom. I then hot-glued little pine cones to the ribbon (important), so that when Christmas rolls around and I'm too lazy to make another wreath, I can just take off the ribbon and add that red bow.


  1. looks. so. good. now, lets see that tablescape!

  2. Enjoying your posts Lauren - love your flair & courage to refinish pieces!