Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The bowl that changed my life.

I'm not the biggest fan of Rachael Ray. Sure, she's cute, cooks decent meals (sometimes), and has like 13 TV shows, but she's just not my kinda cook. Although, I do enjoy watching her 30-minute Meals show just to marvel at how she manages to grab ALL of her ingredients in one big kitchen-swoop. I mean, wow.

Anyway, there is one thing that she does that I have finally tried. The trash bowl. Did you write that down? Trash Bowl. It is the best decision I have made in my kitchen. EVER. I used to watch her toss all her scraps and wrappers in her trash bowl and think, "geez, isn't she just dirtying yet another bowl to clean?!" Oh I was so naive.

The trash bowl has saved me so much time and so much effort while cooking a meal. I never even realized how many times I have to walk over to the trash can (with a cutting board full of scraps) or turn around to throw something in the sink while dropping crumbs all along the way. The trash bowl makes everything easier! Like me, you probably won't be convinced until you give it a try. Go try it, it will change your life. Rachael Ray is trashy in the best kind of way.


  1. Oh, I'm cooking tonight and I will for sure be trying the trash bowl. I suppose it has to be a decent sized bowl to work well...

    I'll let you know how it goes :)

  2. Depends what kinda meal you're talkin....but the bigger the better!!!

  3. I am really going to try this. I need one in every room! I feel like a Janitor most days, just walking aimlessly around the house picking up things and picking up things.