Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowed In

Since living in Dallas, I have learned more about snow, tornadoes, and Louis Vuitton handbags than I ever thought I needed to know. Seriously, we have outran (sort of) two tornadoes, been in multiple "snow storms", and well... I'm still working on the handbag part. Apparently the winter storm we are experiencing now is one that will make the history books. Regardless of the 13 degrees weather and the impossibility of our living room warming completely up, we have had such a wonderful snow day. Cody got to stay home from work, because obviously Texas shuts down with the threat of snow and ice, and we were certainly not complaining!

Unfortunately, Kyler came down with a cold a few days ago and today seemed to be the worst day of it. He woke up screaming at 5:57 (an hour early) with puffy eyes and a ridiculously runny nose. Somehow being sick doesn't slow him down very much, but it does make him a little bit cuddly and he is NOT a cuddly baby.

Cody and I put on our flannels (I just stole his) in honor of the snow, filled up on coffee, and took care of our sick little boy. We got ambitious and actually put on a movie at one point, but I think we were only able to watch about 20 minutes of it here and there. Because Cody works at a church, we only really have one-day weekends, so it was so nice to have an extra day where we were all together for the whole day.

After Kyler put up a fight eating his sweet potatoes, broccoli, apples, and apricots, we finally got him to sleep. Then someone got the genius idea to do P90x in our living room. I'll give you a hint. It wasn't me. I'm still using that whole I-just-produced-a-human-from-my-body excuse and the fact that I'm still sustaining him via breastfeeding to avoid crazy workouts like these. After all my fake-complaining, it actually felt good, but I might be singing a different song when I'm too sore to carry my child tomorrow.

After we worked out, we ate the perfect snowy meal. Chili. It was soo good.

So that was the story of our day spent snowed in. And guess what?! We get to do it all over again tomorrow! Let's hope that Kyler sleeps in this time.

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